Business Segments

"Business with us is Good Business"

At S7SR, working with you is more than a commitment or strategy. It's good business and it's demonstrated by the expression of action  which takes place at the highest levels of management. Our commitment is to you. an integral part of our foundation. For S7SR,  success means success of your firm or organization--your  mission, vision and values. Our co-interests and positive energy  lead to the conviction that we will always provide results.  Teaming with you and  selected companies who submit profiles will encourage the fundamental business objectives of increasing customer/client relations loyalty, being competitive, and lead to the incubation and growth of our market share. That's what we mean when we say  "Business with us is Good Business."

 The following are some of our programs in contracting, co-venturing,  and/ or sub-contracting:

  • Logistics and product development design

  • Global allocation services

  • Immersion and assimilation Sciences

  • Defense protocol initiatives

  • Management CRM Intelligence enterprises

  • Management and Design of real –time models integration

  • Co-advisory and capacity assistance in Homeland Security needs and venues

  • Cultural advisory capacity in civil society and human engineering processes

  • Civil infrastructure alignment



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