Global Network

S7SR global network is based on relationships and alliances with others with mutual interests and features a diversity of professional expertise. Our programs and business segments procurement division and materials division organization provide a single-point contact for all supply chain activities and directives.  The departments go through a selection and form of RFP's for qualifying suppliers, subcontractors and consultants, procurement contracts and managing logistics and inventory-- all with diligence and integrity consistent with global policies and procedures, and legal and ethical processes. Procurement and personnel work within the business segments, units, departments and projects to directly manage the acquisition of more services.

The procurement division and materials allocation product and services organization are always committed to delivering value added service and maintain cost effectiveness to leverage this global network and  deliver world-class regional services, products and endeavors.

We have developed a global network and maintain strategic supplier relationships to bring long-term value to our internal and external customers and effectively manage global-based projects that are designed by our team of experts.

As we achieve our firm's mission we have become successful in deepening the strength of our goals and those of our customers to help our Nation. Each division and unit is fully trained to deliver low cost margins of material, equipment and services to provide a level of comfort to our shareholders and investors. 

Thank you to all who are moving forward with us.



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