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Our family is a dedicated group of corporate leadership professionals with exceptional values.  We encompass excellence, integrity, and are driven by our customer's need for solutions.  S7SR directors and management teams come together as a team to instill and launch our custom designed programs and business segments.  The collective years of experience is our source of power leading to success for you.  


After the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in 1979 and forced millions of Afghans from their homeland, President Ronald Reagan, taking office in early 1981, pledged the commitment of the United States to support the desire of the Afghan nation for freedom from Soviet domination. The American commitment to helping the Afghan resistance defeat the Red Army was rooted in the knowledge that Soviet expansionism was a threat not only to Afghanistan, but to what America stands for and has always stood for: democracy and self-determination.

The terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 were an attack on human civilization itself, as billions around the world came to the realization that the war between good and evil is far from over. In response to the attacks, America stood firm and strong as always. But international terrorism was a new kind of brewing threat, often with no face. The terrorist knows no borders. He lurks in the shadows, smirking. This new kind of threat forced America to reform its response mechanism. We learned the importance of being familiar with religions and cultures worldwide. We discovered new opportunities to establish global alliances and partnerships to protect civilization against the army of darkness.

Today, as we continue to fight the elements of terrorism and insurgency, we must not forget our historical commitment to support freedom and democracy around the world. We must realize that when tyrannies hijack the peace and threaten democracies, when terror and dogmatism victimize innocent people and when dictators and warlords encourage fear and chaos around the world, the American way of life is threatened. Our nation is built on the principles of freedom, democracy, human rights and a robust global economy.

Our company, S7 Strategic Resolution, is founded upon the philosophy of a strong, safe and prosperous America leading the world toward global peace and advancement. We understand the challenges of our time and we provide integrated solutions. Our unique position in the industry is the result of the unique thinking of our team. Professionalism and creative thinking are what bring us together as a company and as a team. But what strengthens us and gives us confidence is the unshakeable belief that America can and will prevail over any challenge, no matter how huge. 

Thank you for being with us.





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